Tile and grout looking grimy? As you’ve probably already figured out, store-bought tile and grout cleaners just don’t fix the problem.

While tile tends to ward off dirt, grout collects it. That’s because grout is porous. It collects grime, dirt and spills, often discoloring the surface in the process.

The secret to a clean-looking floor, shower, counter and backsplash is simple – clean grout. Achieving it? Not so simple. (But don’t worry. We can help.)

Why Your Everyday Tile And Grout Cleaners Won’t Cut It

You could get on your hands and knees with a toothbrush and try an endless array of tile and grout cleaners, but it’s not very pleasant or promising. Cleaning tile by hand is hard work. In fact, it’s not only messy and uncomfortable, it’s also nearly impossible to get entirely clean. And mopping simply can’t reach the hidden dirt that lies deep within grout line pores.

In order to get back your shiny, like-new tile, you need the help of Bluesteem’s professional tile and grout cleaning services.

Get Your Tile and Grout the Deepest Degree of Clean with Bluesteem

Bluesteem’s tile and grout cleaning service technicians use special equipment, tools and techniques to clean a variety of tile. Using a high-pressure water and vacuum system, our technicians will deep-clean your tile and grout.

A grout-sealing compound is then applied to prevent future discoloration and dirt penetration. The sealant creates a barrier that protects your grout from spills and stains. This helps to preserve that clean, bright look of your newly steamed and cleaned tile.

Better yet, Bluesteem’s thorough tile and grout cleaning services are proven and reasonably priced.

Trust the most reliable and affordable grout and tile cleaners around. Trust Bluesteem.